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Snow, kisses and Bass Pro

January 22nd, 2014 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Guess what world!!  Today was awesome.

Mike went back to work today, so it was our first morning where we both had to get out the door.  I have to say it went well, not super stressful, reasonably productive.  We need to try to be more of morning people though!!!

Today was our first time watching Delilah in the snow.  She loves to eat it 🙂

Delilah loves to eat the snow!

Delilah loves to eat the snow!

After work, we took the girls out on leashes at the same time and they almost played!  I think we were supposed to take it slow and wait about a week from bringing her home to let them play… fortunately there was still some hesitation so we bought a little time.  We were also supposed to wait a week for the first nose-to-nose.  WHOOPS!  3 nose to noses today and guess what?  Went just fine.  Went better than fine… tails wagging… Sniffed each other and then went on with their business.  Also, seems like they’re both getting their personalities back.  They bounced around in the snow.  They were way more playful.

Delilah is such a happy girl :-)

Delilah is such a happy girl 🙂

Also, Delilah can really MOVE!  Playful Delilah likes to jump and try to get your face to give you kisses.  Not my face so much, but Mike’s.  Man, is she super connected to Mike!  It’s pretty cute how much she adores him and it’s only been a couple days.  She likes me okay, but not nearly the same.

Tonight, we took another step down the journey toward socialization too.  We went to Bass Pro Shop and it was a GREAT experience.  We did two laps around the store.  Delilah got a lot of attention.  Helps that she’s so sweet and lets people greet her.  We did two laps (Delilah was looking pretty tired)  and Bailey did very well too!

After dinner when we went outside and were talking to the neighbor, Bailey and Delilah were sniffing each other and Bailey got her first Delilah kiss!!!

Anyway, I wanted to post that things went well today!  That’s very, very encouraging 🙂  And it was so awesome watching my pups jump around.

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • admin

    Yay! A great day indeed. Thanks for the update.

  • benny55

    GREAT!! You’ve done an excellent job!

    Clearly these two are on their own time frame and they’re ready to be best buds!

    This post just makes me smile! And Delilah is a very, very pretty girl! And she is so happy!

    Keep these great updates coming! These two are really developing a fun connection!

    Snowballs for everyne!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • jerry

    I’m just now catching up to see how things are going and I’m so happy to read this! What a great intro you’re making for these gals, you will have one solid pack in no time.

    By the way I’m living vicariously through you since we can only be a 1 dog family for now. What pawesome adventures await you!

    Oh and I didn’t know Bass Pro is dog friendly, thanks for that tip!

    • charona

      We didn’t know Bass Pro was dog friendly either! When we went to Treats Unleashed, the girl working told us that! She also told us that one of the outlet malls in Chesterfield, MO is dog friendly too & that you can actually take your dog into stores. Taubman, I think.

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